REVIEW: Mr. Blanc Teeth

Being from the United States and being sent a product from the United Kingdom, it took a while for this product to come in the mail. Assuming most of the viewers of this blog are from the United States, it will take approximately a month for Mr. Blanc Teeth to arrive at your doorstep.  Otherwise, considering I have awfully sensitive teeth, I was happy to finally hear about a product that is “non peroxide”, and “enamel safe”. Still sketchy about those two phrases, because if you’re whitening your teeth, how can there not be any peroxide in the whitening strips?

When they arrived in the mail, you could say I was so excited to try Mr. Blanc Teeth. I did even more research on the product and made sure the read the directions fully. The directions were fairly simple- make sure you dry your teeth, [aka make sure your mouth isn’t full of slobber], and apply the white strips to your top and bottom teeth. Leave the strips on for thirty minutes and BOOM, you instantly see results.  My first time using Mr. Blanc Teeth  I instantly saw results as if I’ve been whitening my teeth for a week! My smile became instantly more attractive; a good majority of the coffee stains from drinking coffee since I was eight, [don’t ask], were almost unnoticeable. The only issue I had with Mr. Blanc Teeth was the left over gel, [that feels like slime in your mouth], that is left on your teeth. But that wasn’t too much of a problem after you brush your teeth.

And also why I recommend this product… I compared it to the whitening trays and UV lights that are popular on the market right now. I remember sitting at my vanity, about to put the trays into my mouth, when instantly I put them in I felt a burning sensation in my mouth [They weren’t a name brand, I can’t remember the name of the teeth whitening brand, oops.]. I immediately took them out of my mouth and saw my gums turn white. My gums got burnt from the harmful peroxide in the gel you put into the trays. From that point I could not wait for my Mr. Blanc Teeth to come in the mail. I highly prefer Mr. Blanc for a safe, enjoyable progression of getting your perfect white smile.

Teeth after using Mr. Blanc Teeth:



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