REVIEW: Sally VS Bellami Hair Extensions

The top are my Bellami 18 inch, 160g hair extensions and the bottom on my “SASSY” hair extensions from Sally’s, [I don’t know the measurements]:

For sure it was fun having skittled color hair, but it defiantly wasn’t fun redying not only my hair, but the hair extensions every 2-3 weeks.  I got so many compliments on my hair color, but I actually thought my hair looked absolutely horrible when I dyed it. I used the loreal feria [Number 68]  to dye my hair. For those who don’t know much about red hair, [natural or dyed], it is a continuous process. Natural red hair doesn’t have a good up keep for hair dye, and dying your hair a unnatural hair color makes it more noticeable when you don’t dye it.  I have both natural red hair and I was dying it, so you could say it was a total hot mess.

What I didn’t like my Bellami’s [this was totally my fault], but they got really greasy after one washing and styling, while the Sally hair I have now, I’ve only washed them about three times having them since September.  I use A TON of heat on the Sally’s I have now, but the Bellami’s smelt and looked burnt.  Yuck! The upside to Bellami is the grams of hair is amazing, the thickness was wonderful and I could shower with the clip-ins in my hair and they STILL stayed in.

Before I start talking about my Sally’s hair extensions, I just want my skittle hair wannabes out there to know it is not worth the hussle and bussle and money! It was stressful and awful dying my hair so often. I had to cut all of my hair off because it got so damaged. There wasn’t a single hair dresser who would dye my hair again until it grew out. It was a total nightmare.

When I bought my Sally’s hair I was sort of sketched out. I attempted to ask one of the “certified” workers at Sally’s and she didn’t know sh*t.  She couldn’t tell me what hair dye would match my hair color best, so I had to figure it out myself. I got the extensions in bleach blonde for around $60.00 by the “Sassy” brand, [mind you Bellami’s were $159.99]. They are tape ins but I tried tape and it was awful, [that’s another blog post].  So now I use regular clips to put them in. They are wonderful when curled or waved, but I can’t straighten my hair because you can easily notice the difference in hair color. If you aren’t fully sure on how to sew your own clips onto hair extensions, I wouldn’t prefer this method. I highly suggest ladies who are willing to treat their hair like it’s their child to get Bellami’s. I now wear my Bellami’s again because I knowledge myself better on washing and keeping hair healthy and stylish. I would prefer Sassy’s if you’re willing to take them to a hairdresser to get them sewed or taped in.



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