I would like to start off my post by saying a huge thanks to Eco Tan for sending their products from Australia all the way to Rhode Island. Also another funny story to start off the post is as I went to pick up my Eco Tan I locked my keys in my car and had to wait at FedEx for AAA to come! I was so embarrassed, but thankfully the FedEx people were awfully nice and let me wait in the store instead of waiting out in the cold. Anyway, let’s continue to the review…

I received the “Invisible Tan” for medium-dark skin tones and the “Face Tan Water” which is anti-acne/aging and the vitamin C that is added in the Face Tan Water is suppose to promote younger looking skin. The “Invisible Tan” is a one time application tan. You get five tans out of the 150ML bottle. Eco Tan is has no dyes and is vegan free. The Face Tan Water goes for $29.95 while the Invisible Tan is $34.95. I give Eco Tan a thumbs up for the story for how their product got started. With the risk of UV rays from the sun and the sketchy ingredients in spray tans, Eco Tan wanted to make a change in the tanning game. So, they decided to put all natural ingredients into their products.

As they tell you to apply your tanner 24-48 hours after you exfoliate, I used Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer In Shower Scrub you use in the shower pre-tan. Later, I applied my Invisible Tan and Face Tan and started seeing results 5-6 hours of applying the tan. I received a rich, radiant tan that lasts me nearly a week, if taken care of correctly. It made me skin look healthier than ever, and I didn’t get that sticky feeling after using Eco Tan’s products.  The smell though was a lemon like smell. It did not smell like a tanner, but it was a very strong distinct smell.

The pros to using Eco Tan were the non stick feel and the color was perfect. I don’t really have any cons except the smell was a little tangy. Thank you for reading and I hope you chose the all natural Eco Tan. Happy blogging!



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