How I Got My Natural Hair Color Back In 20 Minutes

If you’re like me, you get bored with your hair color easily. Personally, I go back and fourth between my natural hair color and vibrant reds. As I came across an oldish photo of me before my hair was dyed back to red, I decided I wanted my natural hair color back. I thought putting highlights in my hair would make it come back little by little, but seeing online my hair could potentially turn steaks of orange or green, I decided to not take the leap. I decided to buy “Color Oops” Extra Strength at Target for $9.99, [It will be cheaper at Target than at Ulta!] I was super scared to use this product after reading the online reviews, as some women claim it doesn’t work and your hair will turn out streaky, yet there were plenty of women saying it works wonders. Though, with my experience of dying my own hair, I was sure it wouldn’t turn out to be streaky. The steps were fairly easy, as follows:

  1. You’ll need your own gloves, put you mix step 1 and 2 together and place cap on and start applying liquid to your hair
  2. Make sure you get every bit of your hair, then put cap on hair that is found in the directions slip, [It’s attached onto paper], and cover hair for 20 minutes, [I set timer for 25 minutes!]
  3. Afterwards, I shampooed with a dandruff shampoo, [I don’t have dandruff, clarifying shampoos  like head & shoulders help to take color out of hair :)], I shampooed about 2-5 times and I honestly can’t remember if I conditioned.
  4. I did use a “SUPER CHARGED MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER” afterwards from Paul Mitchell you leave in for 15 minutes then wash out, to avoid dryness. [The directions say 3-5 minutes, but to remove color, leave in for 15-30 minutes]
  5. My hair went back to my natural hair color! It was a tad but lighter, but I didn’t mind!

This was less than one week before using color oops


This was not after using color oops, but this is my natural hair color that it is now back to!




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