About Erica

A nineteen year old residing in the Ocean state of America, a deep yearning has been permanently put inside me to always reside by the beach and water.  I go to school at Rhode Island College located in the city of Providence.  I study Mass Media Communications aka radio and TV broadcasting in hopes of reaching of goals of becoming a political/entertainment news anchor.  I have a love for the camera, be in front and behind it, a love for beautiful still images and a overly saturated sunset.  I also consider myself a Journalism major so writing in my day to day life is something that keeps me sane.

I have a deep love for spirituality, crystal healing, astrology, and oracle/Tarot cards.  I grew up my entire life in Catholic schools and home until I was 18.  I still practice my faith but spirituality opened me up to all Faiths.  Astrology gives myself [for my own sanity, again], a sense of understanding towards others when I can’t comprehend their energies.

I’m most defiantly a young adult, with problems, as we all are. Also a big yearning of mine is to help the selfless universe. We take our beautiful Earth for granted.  We take the people around us and the experiences we have around us too for granted. I try to show a learning experience from all my issues to try to help my peers around me.  I always try to make a positive impact on everyone around me, sending positive vibes, hoping my energy can be spread to you too.





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