Buying Make-Up On Amazon??

I had a gift card I was indecisive on what I was going to use it on. I knew, though, I was going to spend it on cosmetics. There was only a small amount left so I decided to spend it on a tiny gel eyeliner that came with a small application brush. It arrived in the mail fairly quickly, probably 1-2 weeks after ordering.  I was eager to use it, but by the reviews, the constant one phrase I saw was, “You get what you pay for”. I paid $1.29 for this eyeliner. Yes, $1.29. It was what you paid for. When applied, it looked like any eyeliner you would buy at the store, but if you even touched your eye a tiny bit, it would smudge on your face. With eyeliner like this, you didn’t really lose your money, but if you want to make the best of it, use plenty of primer and bring some make-up wipes with you.


I use Urban Decay Primer on my eyes before I apply any eye make-up. It keeps my eye make-up in check all day, and, makes my eyeshadow look 5x pigmented that it is.  This is my go to eye primer. If you’re interested in trying Urban Decay Primer, try buying the sample/travel size. You can be the travel size at Sephora in the check out goodie section. They are usually no more than $7.00. 2229939.jpg

The two photos above are two different looks I did with the eyeliner, [there was no brand name for it!] It was fairly easy to apply but scary to go out in-hoping it wouldn’t smudge too easily! Thanks for reading!