Why I Took Caffeine Out Of My Diet

I still drink my iced coffee every morning. Though, I am the odd one that chooses to order a decaf coffee at seven in the morning.  As I may feel foolish for ordering decaf, I know I am making the right choice.  Around December of this past year I finally realized what was making me so jittery all the time, caffeine.  My thoughts were constantly rushing through my head and all through stopping to drink caffeine didn’t completely take away my anxiety, it helped.

Soon after I stopped drinking caffeine, I found myself yawning more than usual. It was hard. I would want to reach for a nice glass of soda and realized I can’t. Would I rather be a little tired but content or jittery or worried for the rest of the day? They say it takes three weeks to kick a habit, and I’m so glad I kicked caffeine out of mine.

It’s now easier to sleep when I’m tired, because when you’re stressed, you usually have thoughts running through your head constantly. I don’t need a drug to wake me up in the morning, hence the addictiveness of caffeine has me hooked since I was only eight or nine. Even now, my Mom no longer drinks caffeine because she has also realized the harmful affects it has on the human body.

  1. Consuming caffeine at night mimics the symptoms of insomnia
  2. Overconsumption of caffeine leads to headaches and even migraines
  3. The Journal of the North American Menopause Society recently conducted a test concluding women experiencing menopause are higher likely to experience worse symptoms that consumed caffeine.
  4. Caffeine can lead to anxiety and depression, even to some extent where anti depressants are needed.
  5. As caffeine is found in most soda and sugary drinks, caffeine is a link to obesity and diabetes. I know find myself going straight to a refreshing class of water instead of the soda bottle for a drink.
  6. Caffeine reduces fertility in women. A study by University of Nevada School of Medicine conducted that caffeine can reduce your chances of getting pregnant by 27%.


I can truly say I am so happy to kick caffeine out of my diet. It is something that is slowly killing so many people and people should be more aware of what they are putting into their bodies.



How I Got My Natural Hair Color Back In 20 Minutes

If you’re like me, you get bored with your hair color easily. Personally, I go back and fourth between my natural hair color and vibrant reds. As I came across an oldish photo of me before my hair was dyed back to red, I decided I wanted my natural hair color back. I thought putting highlights in my hair would make it come back little by little, but seeing online my hair could potentially turn steaks of orange or green, I decided to not take the leap. I decided to buy “Color Oops” Extra Strength at Target for $9.99, [It will be cheaper at Target than at Ulta!] I was super scared to use this product after reading the online reviews, as some women claim it doesn’t work and your hair will turn out streaky, yet there were plenty of women saying it works wonders. Though, with my experience of dying my own hair, I was sure it wouldn’t turn out to be streaky. The steps were fairly easy, as follows:

  1. You’ll need your own gloves, put you mix step 1 and 2 together and place cap on and start applying liquid to your hair
  2. Make sure you get every bit of your hair, then put cap on hair that is found in the directions slip, [It’s attached onto paper], and cover hair for 20 minutes, [I set timer for 25 minutes!]
  3. Afterwards, I shampooed with a dandruff shampoo, [I don’t have dandruff, clarifying shampoos  like head & shoulders help to take color out of hair :)], I shampooed about 2-5 times and I honestly can’t remember if I conditioned.
  4. I did use a “SUPER CHARGED MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER” afterwards from Paul Mitchell you leave in for 15 minutes then wash out, to avoid dryness. [The directions say 3-5 minutes, but to remove color, leave in for 15-30 minutes]
  5. My hair went back to my natural hair color! It was a tad but lighter, but I didn’t mind!

This was less than one week before using color oops


This was not after using color oops, but this is my natural hair color that it is now back to!




I would like to start off my post by saying a huge thanks to Eco Tan for sending their products from Australia all the way to Rhode Island. Also another funny story to start off the post is as I went to pick up my Eco Tan I locked my keys in my car and had to wait at FedEx for AAA to come! I was so embarrassed, but thankfully the FedEx people were awfully nice and let me wait in the store instead of waiting out in the cold. Anyway, let’s continue to the review…

I received the “Invisible Tan” for medium-dark skin tones and the “Face Tan Water” which is anti-acne/aging and the vitamin C that is added in the Face Tan Water is suppose to promote younger looking skin. The “Invisible Tan” is a one time application tan. You get five tans out of the 150ML bottle. Eco Tan is has no dyes and is vegan free. The Face Tan Water goes for $29.95 while the Invisible Tan is $34.95. I give Eco Tan a thumbs up for the story for how their product got started. With the risk of UV rays from the sun and the sketchy ingredients in spray tans, Eco Tan wanted to make a change in the tanning game. So, they decided to put all natural ingredients into their products.

As they tell you to apply your tanner 24-48 hours after you exfoliate, I used Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer In Shower Scrub you use in the shower pre-tan. Later, I applied my Invisible Tan and Face Tan and started seeing results 5-6 hours of applying the tan. I received a rich, radiant tan that lasts me nearly a week, if taken care of correctly. It made me skin look healthier than ever, and I didn’t get that sticky feeling after using Eco Tan’s products.  The smell though was a lemon like smell. It did not smell like a tanner, but it was a very strong distinct smell.

The pros to using Eco Tan were the non stick feel and the color was perfect. I don’t really have any cons except the smell was a little tangy. Thank you for reading and I hope you chose the all natural Eco Tan. Happy blogging!


Buying Make-Up On Amazon??

I had a gift card I was indecisive on what I was going to use it on. I knew, though, I was going to spend it on cosmetics. There was only a small amount left so I decided to spend it on a tiny gel eyeliner that came with a small application brush. It arrived in the mail fairly quickly, probably 1-2 weeks after ordering.  I was eager to use it, but by the reviews, the constant one phrase I saw was, “You get what you pay for”. I paid $1.29 for this eyeliner. Yes, $1.29. It was what you paid for. When applied, it looked like any eyeliner you would buy at the store, but if you even touched your eye a tiny bit, it would smudge on your face. With eyeliner like this, you didn’t really lose your money, but if you want to make the best of it, use plenty of primer and bring some make-up wipes with you.


I use Urban Decay Primer on my eyes before I apply any eye make-up. It keeps my eye make-up in check all day, and, makes my eyeshadow look 5x pigmented that it is.  This is my go to eye primer. If you’re interested in trying Urban Decay Primer, try buying the sample/travel size. You can be the travel size at Sephora in the check out goodie section. They are usually no more than $7.00. 2229939.jpg

The two photos above are two different looks I did with the eyeliner, [there was no brand name for it!] It was fairly easy to apply but scary to go out in-hoping it wouldn’t smudge too easily! Thanks for reading!

REVIEW: Sally VS Bellami Hair Extensions

The top are my Bellami 18 inch, 160g hair extensions and the bottom on my “SASSY” hair extensions from Sally’s, [I don’t know the measurements]:

For sure it was fun having skittled color hair, but it defiantly wasn’t fun redying not only my hair, but the hair extensions every 2-3 weeks.  I got so many compliments on my hair color, but I actually thought my hair looked absolutely horrible when I dyed it. I used the loreal feria [Number 68]  to dye my hair. For those who don’t know much about red hair, [natural or dyed], it is a continuous process. Natural red hair doesn’t have a good up keep for hair dye, and dying your hair a unnatural hair color makes it more noticeable when you don’t dye it.  I have both natural red hair and I was dying it, so you could say it was a total hot mess.

What I didn’t like my Bellami’s [this was totally my fault], but they got really greasy after one washing and styling, while the Sally hair I have now, I’ve only washed them about three times having them since September.  I use A TON of heat on the Sally’s I have now, but the Bellami’s smelt and looked burnt.  Yuck! The upside to Bellami is the grams of hair is amazing, the thickness was wonderful and I could shower with the clip-ins in my hair and they STILL stayed in.

Before I start talking about my Sally’s hair extensions, I just want my skittle hair wannabes out there to know it is not worth the hussle and bussle and money! It was stressful and awful dying my hair so often. I had to cut all of my hair off because it got so damaged. There wasn’t a single hair dresser who would dye my hair again until it grew out. It was a total nightmare.

When I bought my Sally’s hair I was sort of sketched out. I attempted to ask one of the “certified” workers at Sally’s and she didn’t know sh*t.  She couldn’t tell me what hair dye would match my hair color best, so I had to figure it out myself. I got the extensions in bleach blonde for around $60.00 by the “Sassy” brand, [mind you Bellami’s were $159.99]. They are tape ins but I tried tape and it was awful, [that’s another blog post].  So now I use regular clips to put them in. They are wonderful when curled or waved, but I can’t straighten my hair because you can easily notice the difference in hair color. If you aren’t fully sure on how to sew your own clips onto hair extensions, I wouldn’t prefer this method. I highly suggest ladies who are willing to treat their hair like it’s their child to get Bellami’s. I now wear my Bellami’s again because I knowledge myself better on washing and keeping hair healthy and stylish. I would prefer Sassy’s if you’re willing to take them to a hairdresser to get them sewed or taped in.


REVIEW: Mr. Blanc Teeth

Being from the United States and being sent a product from the United Kingdom, it took a while for this product to come in the mail. Assuming most of the viewers of this blog are from the United States, it will take approximately a month for Mr. Blanc Teeth to arrive at your doorstep.  Otherwise, considering I have awfully sensitive teeth, I was happy to finally hear about a product that is “non peroxide”, and “enamel safe”. Still sketchy about those two phrases, because if you’re whitening your teeth, how can there not be any peroxide in the whitening strips?

When they arrived in the mail, you could say I was so excited to try Mr. Blanc Teeth. I did even more research on the product and made sure the read the directions fully. The directions were fairly simple- make sure you dry your teeth, [aka make sure your mouth isn’t full of slobber], and apply the white strips to your top and bottom teeth. Leave the strips on for thirty minutes and BOOM, you instantly see results.  My first time using Mr. Blanc Teeth  I instantly saw results as if I’ve been whitening my teeth for a week! My smile became instantly more attractive; a good majority of the coffee stains from drinking coffee since I was eight, [don’t ask], were almost unnoticeable. The only issue I had with Mr. Blanc Teeth was the left over gel, [that feels like slime in your mouth], that is left on your teeth. But that wasn’t too much of a problem after you brush your teeth.

And also why I recommend this product… I compared it to the whitening trays and UV lights that are popular on the market right now. I remember sitting at my vanity, about to put the trays into my mouth, when instantly I put them in I felt a burning sensation in my mouth [They weren’t a name brand, I can’t remember the name of the teeth whitening brand, oops.]. I immediately took them out of my mouth and saw my gums turn white. My gums got burnt from the harmful peroxide in the gel you put into the trays. From that point I could not wait for my Mr. Blanc Teeth to come in the mail. I highly prefer Mr. Blanc for a safe, enjoyable progression of getting your perfect white smile.

Teeth after using Mr. Blanc Teeth: